A Night of Disarray at the Hanteo Music Awards: From Pooping to Physical Altercations

hanteo music awards 2024
hanteo music awards 2024
Credit: Hanteo Music Awards

The Hanteo Music Awards, intended as a grand celebration of K-Pop’s brightest stars, based on Hanteo Chart data and global votes, has unfortunately become synonymous with chaos and controversy. Held over two days at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul, the event aimed to showcase a year of achievements in the music industry. However, it turned into an ordeal marred by disarray and a series of mishaps that have left many questioning the organizers’ preparedness.

What was supposed to be a joyous festival, uniting artists and fans from around the globe, descended into a spectacle of disorder. The standing sections of the audience were in turmoil, and there have even been reports of a shocking “pooping incident,” adding insult to injury for the beleaguered awards show, now dubbed “the nightmare awards.”

hanteo music awards 2024
Credit: Hanteo Music Awards

Despite the star-studded lineup featuring popular K-pop acts like NCT, ZEROBASEONE, aespa, and ATEEZ, the event’s management failed to anticipate the crowd’s movements, leading to unsafe conditions and a scramble for a better view. The situation became so dire that artists themselves had to plead with the audience for safety, urging them to “take a step back because it’s dangerous,” “follow the security guards’ instructions,” and “watch the show safely.”

The so-called “pooping incident” has been the subject of much speculation and has left attendees distressed. Some suggest it was caused by the crowd’s pressure preventing people from reaching the restroom in time. Additionally, the controversy surrounding ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong escalated, with reports of confrontations between fans shouting for his exit from the group and those opposing it.

The most significant issue with the Hanteo Music Awards was the lack of crowd control and preparedness for the scale of the event. Even basic safety measures, such as sectioning off standing areas, could have prevented the worst of the disorder. The lack of sufficient personnel to manage the crowd’s movements and mediate disputes among fans was also a critical oversight.

While it’s fortunate that no serious accidents occurred, relying on luck for event safety is hardly a strategy. From the chaotic standing sections to physical altercations, these preventable incidents are a sure proof of the organizers’ lack of preparation. The tarnished reputation of the Hanteo Music Awards serves as a bitter end to what should have been a highlight for the music industry.

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