ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong Caught in Controversy Over Swearing to His Fan

kim jiwoong zb1
kim jiwoong zb1
Credit: iMBC

In a controversy that has the fan community buzzing, ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong finds himself at the center of a storm following accusations of swearing during a fan sign event. The claims, which emerged from a fan-posted video suggesting Kim swore after a video call with a fan ended, have led to a heated debate online.

The fan, identified as A, released a clip purportedly showing Kim’s behavior, which immediately ignited speculation about whether the voice heard swearing in the video was indeed Kim’s. A defended her decision to share the video, stating, “I don’t understand why fans, who spend a lot of money, should feel uneasy during these calls. I wasn’t asking for anything out of the ordinary. It’s not my fault; it’s Kim Jiwoong’s.”

As the controversy grew, WAKEONE Entertainment, representing ZEROBASEONE, quickly responded, denying the allegations: “After verifying with the artist and staff present at the event, we can confirm the claims are not true. We will use digital media forensics among various methods to objectively determine the facts and protect our artist.”

In response to the agency’s denial and the ensuing backlash from some quarters of the fan community, A posted a rebuttal. “I am facing unfounded speculation and personal attacks, even accused of being a stalker or ugly. These are just absurd. I am simply a fan who genuinely liked Kim Jiwoong.” She continued, “At first, I thought I misheard the swear word and watched the video several times. I wondered if my expression or words triggered him, but I couldn’t find any mistakes on my part.”

A also questioned the reliability of the agency and staff’s denial based solely on their memories of the event. “How can they rely solely on their memories from a week ago? How can they simply deny it in their official statement when I have video evidence?”

As the dispute continues, some fans are demanding the release of the full video of the event, hoping it will shed light on the truth behind the accusations.

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