BIBI Spills the Tea on ‘Radio Star’: From Song Joong Ki’s Generous Gift to Ji Chang Wook’s Kiss Scene

bibi song joong ki
bibi song joong ki
Credit: MBC

Making her first appearance on Radio Star, BIBI, a dynamic force in both the music and acting spheres, is ready to share her journey. “I’m thankful for being invited and I’ll do my best with confidence,” she expressed about her debut on the show.

BIBI captivated the audience right from the start with her tales of unexpected challenges and controversies, from losing her voice to a sandstorm at Coachella to causing a stir on a U.S. talk show with her underboob outfit. She also explained the reason behind distributing condoms to concertgoers in the U.S., prompting laughter with Car, the Garden’s playful inquiry, “Why don’t you give them out in Korea?”

Her extraordinary level of fan service, especially her comfort with physical affection, was also a topic of discussion. BIBI mentioned, “I like touching people, and I still kiss my mom and dad on the lips,” revealing she extends this form of affection to her fans as well, which surprised many.

BIBI also shared fun episodes as an actress. She proudly shared a moment from her experience filming Helpless, where co-star Song Joong Ki gifted her the latest smartphone model. Furthermore, her first-ever kiss scene with Ji Chang Wook in the drama The Worst of Evil sparked curiosity. “I thought it would be a brief scene… but it lasted three minutes,” she revealed, adding layers of intrigue.

The gifts from Song Joong Ki and the backstory of BIBI’s kiss scene with Ji Chang Wook are set to unfold on Radio Star, airing tonight at 10:30 PM KST.

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