Lee Jun Young Reveals His Parents’ Reaction to Netflix Movie ‘Badland Hunters’

Credit: Netflix

Lee Jun Young shared his insights on the Netflix film Badland Hunters and his character in a candid interview.

Badland Hunters tells the story of survivors in a post-apocalyptic Seoul where everything from civilization to law and order has collapsed. Lee Jun Young takes on the role of Choi Ji Wan, a hunter who teams up with Nam San (played by Ma Dong Seok).

Reflecting on the film’s success, the actor shared, “Ma Dong Seok texted me congratulations when Badland Hunters hit number one on Netflix globally. It feels unreal even now.” He added, “I’m currently filming Weak Hero Class 2, and director Han Jun Hee jokingly called me ‘the global number one star,’ which caught me off guard and made me pleasantly flustered.”

Known for his captivating villainous roles in D.P. and Mask Girl, Lee discussed his character transformation in Badland Hunters. He expressed, “Filming was enjoyable because my character wasn’t as ruthless as the ones I’ve played before.”

He further shared, “My parents were happy to see me playing a nice and loving character, but they weren’t happy about how much he swore in the movie.”

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Lee Jun Young’s multiple Netflix projects, including Badland Hunters, have earned him the nickname “the son of Netflix.” Reflecting on his newfound fame, he noted, “It’s interesting to be recognized by tourists on my days off. Many enjoyed Badland Hunters, and some even mimicked the arrow-shooting gesture.”

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