IU Reveals the Story Behind Casting BTS’s V in ‘Love wins all’ Music Video

iu and v song
iu and v song
Credit: IU YouTube

IU has shared the backstory of how she ended up filming the music video for her new song “Love wins all” with BTS’s V.

In a video released on her YouTube channel on the 28th, IU gave an insight into the shooting of her “Love wins all” MV and the process of casting V as the male lead.

IU expressed her amazement at V’s participation, saying, “V is enlisting in the military about a week from today (the day of the shoot). This is a ridiculous schedule, but we managed to make it work. It feels like all the good karma I’ve accumulated over the years is being spent on this album.”

She also explained why V was chosen for the role, “Director Um Tae Hwa and I were discussing the male lead character. We wanted someone with a youthful charm but also a sense of reliability and coolness when needed.” She added, “I was like, ‘But who is like that?’ Then I was texting V one day, and just went, ‘Oh, V?'”

IU added, “I had sent the music to him beforehand, and V really liked it and readily agreed to participate, making it a unique casting.”

Meanwhile, IU’s “Love wins all” was released on the 24th and has climbed to the number 1 spot on the Melon Chart (as of January 29th, 3 PM KST).

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