IU and BTS V’s ‘Jihye and Taejun’ Universe of ‘Love wins all’ MV Sparks Online Sensation

love wins all iu and v
love wins all iu and v
Credit: V Instagram

The fictional universe of “Jihye and Taejun,” portrayed by IU and BTS’s V in the music video for IU’s pre-release track “Love wins all,” has become a hot topic online.

A behind-the-scenes photo posted by V on his Instagram on the 28th captivated countless fans. The picture showcased him and IU in various poses, with disheveled hair and a dystopian vibe, yet exuding a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

What fueled the interest was V’s caption, “Be happy, Taejun and Jihye,” referencing the names given by fans in an online community. A fan, impressed by their chemistry in the music video, had written, “They are Jihye and Taejun in the MV: I named them. They trigger this sense of longing within us—you know what I mean?” This post quickly gained traction and turned into a popular meme.

Fans, both domestic and international, began affectionately referring to IU and V as “Jihye” and “Taejun,” attesting to the far-reaching impact of “Love wins all.” V’s mention of the names further fueled the shared universe with fans, drawing immense attention. The original post has since exploded in popularity.

The fan who initiated the “Jihye and Taejun” narrative expressed her surprise and delight: “I got overly immersed while watching the MV and wrote this, what’s happening? It’s bewildering. Let’s blow it up, ‘Love wins all!'” Their comments added to the warm atmosphere surrounding this fan-created story.


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