Lee Sang Yeob Reveals His Newlywed Home and How He Met His Wife

lee sang yeob wife
lee sang yeob wife
Credit: MBC

Lee Sang Yeob revealed his new home and his married life on the May 18th episode of MBC’s Point of Omniscient Interfere.

The star talked about his first encounter with his wife, saying, “I remember everything. I met her in front of her workplace. It was winter and she was wearing a white coat.” He added, “She got a work call and she was so professional. I liked that charismatic side of her.”

He admitted he was a little flustered during their first encounter. “I was so out of it. I was supposed to open the door for her, but I thought I was a taxi driver. I was so shy and flustered that I couldn’t look at her face.” The MCs asked, “Was it love at first sight?” and Lee Sang Yeob replied, “Yes.”

The conversation then shifted to his new life as a married man. The MCs were curious to know, “Does living together change things?” and “Does your friend Lee Seok Hoon teach you a lot about marriage?” Lee Seok Hoon jumped in, saying, “Married for nine years, and I still haven’t used the bathroom in front of my wife. And I don’t plan to! Gotta keep the magic alive, you know?”

Lee Sang Yeob replied, “I listened to Lee Seo Hoon’s advice andgot a Bluetooth speaker for the bathroom.”

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Finally, it was time to take a peek at his new home. He was spotted doing laundry in the morning, and he explained, “My wife works in finance, so she goes to work until 8 o’clock. So I wake up early too.” He went on to say, “My lifestyle has changed a lot since I got married. It’s become more regular.”

The conversation then shifted to his stylish new home. Song Eun Yi couldn’t help but gasp when she saw the dining room light fixture.  The light fixture turned out to be a high-end Danish brand, costing a whopping 10 million won (around $7,372). Lee Sang Yeob revealed, “The entire place, living room, dining room, kitchen, even the big study – it’s all decorated exactly how my wife wanted it.”

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