Disability Group Responds to Controversies Surrounding IU’s ‘Love Wins All’ MV

love wins all controversy
love wins all controversy
Credit: EDAM Entertainment

The Solidarity Against Disability Discrimination (hereinafter referred to as SADD) released a statement on January 29th in response to the controversy surrounding IU‘s new song “Love Wins All” music video.

In the statement, the organization acknowledged the numerous discussions and criticisms surrounding the music video. However, they emphasized their intention to expand public awareness of disability rights and engage in more conversations about depicting diverse social minorities in art.

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SADD stated that they “fight against their own ‘cubes every morning,'” referring to the villainous cubical object from IU and BTS’ V‘s music video. They explained that they were chased away by police and Seoul Metro workers during silent protests, faced verbal abuse and were violently arrested for advocating the right of people with disabilities to live together. They also emphasized that they want a world where disabilities are accepted, but they’re dealing with discrimination, hate, and mistreatment both online and offline.

The organization further declared that they will continue to fight against the “cubes” in reality. They shared their vision of a society where disabled and non-disabled individuals can move, work, and live together—a world where disability is not seen as a deficit but as a natural part of human diversity.

SADD also expressed their aspiration for a world where LGBTQ individuals, workers and all social minorities are recognized and respected. They said that they will continue to go out into the streets and subway stations to make it happen.

Concluding their statement, SADD reaffirmed their dedication to working for a world where no one faces discrimination or exclusion, just as IU sings about a world where “love finally wins.” They said that they hope that their path will one day meet with IU’s path and that they will together create a world where no one is excluded.

IU’s pre-release song “Love Wins All” was released on January 24th. The music video, directed by Uhm Tae Hwa, features IU and BTS member V.

In the music video, IU and V play characters who have lost their hearing and sight. Some people have pointed out that the camera lens that extends beyond the characters in the drama appears to depict a world without disabilities. This portrayal has led to speculations that it implies the idea of disability being seen as something that needs to be ‘overcome.’

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