Why Is IU’s New Song ‘Love Wins’ Already Sparking Debates?

IU Love Wins LGBTQ
IU Love Wins LGBTQ
Credit: EDAM Entertainment

IU officially announced her plans for her return after two years of break, with her pre-release single “Love Wins” set to drop on January 24th at 6 PM KST. The first teaser featuring BTS’ V created a buzz among fans, but it’s the song’s title that has sparked speculation and curiosity.

>> BTS’s V Featured In New Poster for IU’s Pre-release Single ‘Love Wins’

The phrase “Love Wins” instantly caught the attention of fans, triggering discussions about its potential connection to LGBTQ themes. Notably, the hashtag #LoveWins was a huge hit in 2015 to commemorate the victory of marriage equality. As fans eagerly await the release, questions arise about whether IU’s new single will be marking one of the first instances of a major K-pop artist addressing LGBTQ themes in their music.

Some fans are hopeful that “Love Wins” will serve as a significant anthem for the LGBTQ community, while others express concern that the title might not necessarily reflect the hashtag’s actual content.

As the speculation continues to grow, IU’s fans eagerly anticipate the release of “Love Wins” and the opportunity to figure out the true meaning behind the title.

Take a look at the speculations and reactions her upcoming pre-release single:

“The phrase “Love has won again” is meaningful to IU and her fans, and given this, there is a high possibility that “Love Wins” could just be a fan song from IU to Uaena.

IU’s expression of love may not strictly refer to romantic love, so her message may not be limited to ideas of heterosexual or queer relationships. Instead, her focus appears to be on the broader and more general message she wants to communicate.”

Credit: Twitter

Quote: “Love Wins is a slogan that was used in the United States when same-sex marriage was legalized. It has been around for almost 10 years. Not knowing this shows a real lack of interest in what’s happening in the world.”

Original Post: “If you’re going to insist it’s a queer term, it should have been a newly created expression. Whether it’s the rainbow or Love Wins, these are existing expressions, and claiming someone stole queer terminology by using them is really strange. Love Wins is simply a statement that means love conquers all.”

“Isn’t IU’s “Love Wins” already a failure?

  1. If it has nothing to do with queer themes: Total failure. Just a typical appropriation of a minority language.
  2. If it showcases cute heterosexual love by inserting various scenes like same-sex hand-holding, age-gap couples, etc: Queer-baiting at its finest, exploiting minority language for marketing purposes.
  3. If the entire music video (or song) turns out to be a queer narrative: Why bother promoting the song with teasers featuring a male-female pair?”

“If IU puts out a song supporting the LGBTQ community with ‘Love Wins,’ it would become a legend… Do you not have the courage for that, IU? You’ve excelled in acting, singing and charity. Can’t you take one more step forward? Or I guess just ‘Love conquers poverty, love conquers all reality’ would be enough to satisfy me.”

“Love Wins literally means love conquers all, but I don’t understand why there’s such a fuss when it’s not even their own exclusive term. I’ve been a fan for over 10 years, but every time IU makes a comeback, there’s an uproar over these trivial things.”

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