‘Single’s Inferno 3’ Lee Jin Seok and An Min Young: Are They the Real Deal or Just Friends?

lee jin seok and min young
lee jin seok and min young
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After the finale of the hit Netflix original reality dating show Single’s Inferno 3, Lee Jin Seok opened up in an interview about his experience on the series, which concluded on the 9th.

Lee Jin Seok, known for his rugged looks and distinct Daegu dialect, initially portrayed a tough image on Single’s Inferno 3. However, as the show progressed, he gained viewer favor by showing a considerate and authentic side. He particularly drew attention for his romance with fellow contestant An Min Young. The two felt a strong initial attraction and pursued each other, but faced challenges as An Min Young expressed interest in other male participants and Lee Jin Seok wavered toward “‘Megi” Jo Min Ji. Despite these struggles, they ultimately became the one of the final couples, completing their “bickering romance.”

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lee jin seok and min young
Credit: Netflix

When asked about the shifts in their relationship after An Min Young voted for other men, Lee Jin Seok shared, “I wasn’t too worried about Min Young exploring her options with other people. After all, the show is about that, and I wasn’t in a position to tell her not to meet other people. I thought I just had to appeal to her more so that she would choose me in the end.”

Regarding his current status with Min Young, he revealed, “It would be a lie to say I never wavered, but my feelings for her never changed. They were strong. Even after the final selection, we still have good feelings toward each other. Both of us are busy with our businesses, so things aren’t official yet between us, but we meet occasionally at gatherings and still have good feelings.”

Addressing rumors of him being a couple with another contestant Ha Jung, Lee Jin Seok laughed them off, “That’s absolutely not true. We took a selfie during a magazine photoshoot, and it somehow led to those rumors. Ha Jung laughed about it too. We are not an item, just really close friends.”


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