Weekly TV Top10: Park Min Young’s Comeback Drama ‘Marry My Husband’ Debuts at No. 1

marry my husband

Drama Ranking for 1st Week of January

The new tvN series Marry My Husband has made a triumphant debut, clinching the top spot. The show, which had been a hot topic even before its airing due to Park Min Young’s notable weight loss, has been well-received for its brisk and engaging storyline. Among the standout performances, Lee Yi Kyung’s acting has drawn comparisons to Ahn Jae Hong’s character in Mask Girl, sparking further interest. SBS’s My Demon has secured the second spot. Despite consistent online buzz, the show is experiencing a decline in viewership ratings. JTBC’s Welcome to Samdalri kept its position in third place. MBC’s The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract ended its run in fourth place. Despite the release of its second part, Netflix’s Gyeongseong Creature has dropped to sixth place. Criticisms have surfaced regarding the awkwardness of Park Seo Jun and Han So Hee’s romance with the overall narrative and the jarring switch to a modern setting in the post-credits scene. TVING’s Death’s Game re-entered the rankings following the release of its second part, with many praising it as a well-made webtoon-based drama. KBS’s Love Song for Illusion, starring Park Ji Hoon, debuted at ninth place.

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  1. tvN Marry My Husband (Share 12.72%)
  2. SBS My Demon (Share 10.88%)
  3. JTBC Welcome to Samdalri (Share 9.44%)
  4. MBC The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract (Share 8.90%)
  5. KBS Korea–Khitan War (Share 8.56%)
  6. Netflix Gyeongseong Creature (Share 8.54%)
  7. TVING Death’s Game (Share 5.75%)
  8. tvN Maestra: Strings of Truth (Share 5.33%)
  9. KBS Love Song for Illusion (Share 4.12%)
  10. Coupang Play Boyhood (Share 3.70%)
  1. Park Min Young, Marry My Husband (Share 6.66%)
  2. Song Kang, My Demon (Share 4.39%)
  3. Shin Hye Sun, Welcome to Samdalri (Share 4.19%)
  4. Lee Young Ae, Maestra: Strings of Truth (Share 4.14%)
  5. Bae In Hyuk, The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract (Share 3.98%)
  6. Lee Se Young, The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract (Share 3.84%)
  7. Ji Chang Wook, Welcome to Samdalri (Share 3.80%)
  8. Kim Yoo Jung, My Demon (Share 3.73%)
  9. Song Ha Yoon, Marry My Husband (Share 2.17%)
  10. Lee Yi Kyung, Marry My Husband (Share 2.16%)

Non-Drama Ranking for 1st Week of January

tvN’s NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN has made an impressive entry at number two, with the boys’ performances making a splash that landed them on the second spot of the cast rankings. KBS’s The Seasons: Lee Hyo Ri’s Red Carpet, which made headlines for a meeting between Lee Hyori and Jennie, landed in sixth place and generated buzz, especially as it marked Jennie’s first official solo activity. Jennie herself topped the cast ranking.

  1. TVING EXchange 3 (Share 4.74%)
  2. tvN NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN (Share 4.21%)
  3. Netflix Single’s Inferno 3 (Share 4.17%)
  4. TV CHOSUN Miss Trot 3 (Share 3.81%)
  5. JTBC Sing Again 3 (Share 3.56%)
  6. KBS The Seasons: Lee Hyo Ri’s Red Carpet (Share 3.51%)
  7. MBC I Live Alone (Share 2.54%)
  8. JTBC A Clean Sweep (Share 2.48%)
  9. tvN You Quiz on the Block (Share 2.38%)
  10. MBN Singing King (Share 2.35%) 
  1. Jennie, The Seasons: Lee Hyo Ri’s Red Carpet (Share 2.47%)
  2. SEVENTEEN, NANA TOUR with SEVENTEEN (Share 2.42%)
  3. Lee Kwan Hee, Single’s Inferno 3 (Share 2.18%)
  4. Lee Hyori, The Seasons: Lee Hyo Ri’s Red Carpet (Share 1.44%)
  5. Gong Hyo Jin, You Quiz on the Block (Share 1.18%)
  6. Lee Seung Yeon, With Father and Me (Share 1.16%)
  7. Gian 84, I Live Alone (Share 1.13%)
  8. Joon Park, Radio Star (Share 1.06%)
  9. So Soobin, Sing Again 3 (Share 0.98%)
  10. Issac Hong, Sing Again 3 (Share 0.97%)

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