Unauthorized Photos During Choi Sooyoung’s Costume Change in Play ‘Wife’ Sparks Outrage

choi sooyoung theater
choi sooyoung theater
Credit: Gleam Company

During a performance of the play Wife, featuring Girls’ Generation member Choi Sooyoung, a distressing incident has come to light, highlighting a grave failure to prevent illegal filming by an audience member.

On January 5th, a post surfaced on an online community detailing the incident. The author detailed, “What was truly outrageous was that during an intense moment of the play, when Daisy (Choi Sooyoung) was changing clothes on stage right, this man took out a professional camera and started shooting photos like crazy. He seemed to be targeting a specific actress, taking dozens, maybe even a hundred photos. It’s baffling how no one stopped him during this time.”

According to the post, when this audience member started taking photos, others around him followed suit, but no staff members intervened. Upon protesting after the show, the author was told, “There was nothing we could do since that person had already left.”

Similarly, reviews on the ticketing website for Wife also mentioned, “Couldn’t focus on the performance due to the continuous sound of a camera taking over 300 photos. It was the worst experience. No one intervened despite complaints. Such a lack of management in handling performances should not be allowed.”

Gleam Company, the production company of Wife, told Ilgan Sports, “Ushers were managing the place, but the audience member was seated in a blind spot and went unnoticed.” They added, “In light of this incident, we plan to increase house usher staffing. Given Choi Sooyoung’s international fanbase, we will also increase foreign language notices about rules and guidelines.”

Meanwhile, Wife connects four periods from 1959 to 2046, exploring how perspectives on women and sexual minorities have evolved. Choi Sooyoung’s theatrical debut in the play has garnered significant attention. In the play, she plays Daisy/Clare, juggling three distinct roles. Wife will run until February 28th.

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