Choi Sooyoung Tells Frightening Story About a Stranger Recognizing Her Online

choi sooyoung sister
choi sooyoung sister
Credit: KBS

Choi Sooyoung shared a frightening story about using a thrift shopping app in the December 27th episode of KBS’ Problem Child in House.

Describing herself as a keen thrift shopper, Sooyoung revealed, “I sell clothes I don’t wear anymore. Usually without meeting up, but sometimes I do exchange items in person.”

When the emcees expressed concerns about people recognizing her, she said, “They don’t recognize me.” However, she looked back on one spine-chilling incident of receiving a scary message from an anonymous person. “No one recognized me, but there was a time when I posted something, and someone in the chat said ‘Hey, Sooyoung.’ It gave me chills. It was so frightening.”

“It turned out they lived near my house. I was thinking, ‘I should put on something casual,’ on the day I planned to go out. Then, I received that message,” she said. “Later, I found out that the person who messaged me was an actor doing musicals with my sister, and we also knew each other.”

Sooyoung added a humorous twist, saying, “My sister later told me they were discussing buying second-hand items during lunch. Noticing that the transaction took place at my usual spot, my sister asked the friend about the purchased item and discovered it was mine.”

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