Choi Sooyoung Reveals Her Father’s Rare Eye Disease and His Dedication to Blind People

choi sooyoung father
choi sooyoung father
Credit: One Shot Hansol

Girls’ Generation member Choi Sooyoung revealed her father’s visual impairment on a YouTube channel named One Shot Hansol.

In the video, Choi Sooyoung disclosed that her father runs the Korea Foundation for the Fight Against Blindness. Last month, she made a 300 million won ($226,141) donation to the organization along with the members of the organization, to promote research and development for cure for blindness.

Explaining why she chose to donate, she said, “There is an organization called the Korea Foundation for the Fight Against Blindness, and my father is currently in charge. People might think that I made the donation by myself, but many others were also part of it.”

She added, “Actually, my father has retinitis pigmentosa. He found out about it in 2004. Back then, there was hardly any information about this disease, and even ophthalmologists had limited knowledge. But when my father became the president of the association, he started translating and sharing overseas academic papers related to it.”

Regarding her father’s wish, she shared, “My father told me that he is about to lose his sight soon. He hoped that I could take over the foundation or help blind people in Asia get surgery in Korea.”

Towards the end of the video, she demonstrated her commitment and said, “I want to be of help as much as possible, not just as my father’s daughter but as his business partner. I want to fully dedicate myself to serving those in need.”

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