SBS Drama Awards Unveils Exclusive Teasers for Three Upcoming Series in 2024

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SBS has gifted K-drama enthusiasts with a sneak peek into their highly anticipated lineup for 2024. On December 29th, 2023, the SBS Drama Awards showcased special teasers for three upcoming dramas: The Revival of the Seven, Not Very Strong But Charming Violent Crimes Unit and Connection. Let’s explore the exciting upcoming dramas that offer a mix of emotions and suspense.

The Revival of the Seven

Scheduled to grace screens in 2024, The Revival of the Seven (literal title) follows the story after The Escape of the Seven. The narrative unfolds as seven individuals, reborn by fate after escaping the clutches of evil, embark on a journey of vengeance against a now even more formidable force of darkness.

The special teaser video hints at a spectacular revenge game set on a reset game board, with protagonists facing new challenges and making unexpected choices. The magnetic performances of Um Ki Joon and Lee Joon add another layer of anticipation to the intriguing storyline.

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Not Very Strong But Charming Violent Crimes Unit (literal translation)

Not Very Strong But Charming Violent Crimes Unit follows the transformation of the country’s lowest-ranking violent crimes unit into the nation’s top team after they are paired with a highly skilled team leader. Directed by Ahn Jong Yeon, known for Racket Boys, and written by Lee Young Chul, the mastermind behind the High Kick series, and Lee Kwang Jae, co-writer of Potato Star 2013QR3, the drama promises a fresh and upbeat take on a crime drama.

Starring Kim Dong Wook, Park Ji Hwan, Seo Hyeon Woo, Park Se Wan and Lee Seung Woo, the teaser unfolds with a touch of desperation as the quirky team finds itself at a closed-down kindergarten, setting the stage for a crime-solving journey like no other.

Connection (literal title)

Connection takes viewers on a psychological crime-solving journey, uncovering the twisted tale of a talented narcotics team detective who is forcibly addicted to drugs. The storyline spans 20 years, exploring the deteriorating friendship and connections linked to a friend’s death.

Starring Ji Sung as Detective Jang Jae Kyung and Jeon Mi Do as journalist Oh Yoon Jin, the special teaser offers a 40-second glimpse into the intense world of narcotics, police, and investigations. The gripping scenes hint at a complex plot, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

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