New Disney Plus Original Series ‘A Shop for Killers’ Unveils Gripping Main Trailer and Poster

a shop for killers plot
a shop for killers plot
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus original series A Shop for Killers dropped a gripping main trailer and poster, heightened anticipation.

This upcoming stylish new wave action drama is about the niece Ji An (Kim Hye Jun), who becomes the target of mysterious killers due to the dangerous legacy left by her uncle Jin Man (Lee Dong Wook).

The newly released main poster captures the climax of a tense battle. It features Uncle Jin Man with a fierce gaze aiming at enemies and his equally energetic and fierce niece Ji An. Their perfect chemistry, along with the compelling narratives of the unique killers like Sung Jo (Seo Hyun Woo), Bale(Jo Han Sun),  Jung Min (Park Ji Bin), and Min Hye (Geum Hannah), amplifies curiosity.

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a shop for killers plot
Credit: Disney Plus

The accompanying main trailer starts with Ji An becoming a target following her uncle Jin Man’s death. Ji An, who inherits an enormous sum of money and her uncle’s shopping mall, receives a threatening message, “So Jung Jin Man is dead? Then you’ll die today too, Jung Ji An.” Her home then comes under attack by mysterious individuals armed with advanced weaponry, escalating the danger surrounding Ji An and the mystery of the shopping mall.

Overwhelmed with fear and confusion, Ji An recalls her uncle Jin Man’s advice as if he had predicted everything and decides to fight back against the ruthless sniper Sung Jo.

The trailer ends with Ji An’s determined voice, saying, “If anyone tries to take this place, they’ll all end up dead.” The preview is packed with breathtaking action, state-of-the-art weaponry including drones, and the characters whose allegiances are unclear.

Meanwhile, A Shop for Killers is set to be released on Disney Plus on the 17th.

Source: Disney Plus

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