Lee Dong Wook’s Multifaceted Performance in ‘A Shop for Killers’ Heightens Anticipation

Lee Dong Wook
lee dong wook new drama
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus’ original series A Shop for Killers, slated for release on January 17th, is creating a buzz with Lee Dong Wook‘s groundbreaking performance. In this much-anticipated series, Lee Dong Wook embodies Jung Jin Man, the mysterious uncle and owner of a sinister shopping mall, marking a radical shift in his acting career.

A Shop for Killers narrates the survival story of Ji An (Kim Hye Jun), who becomes the target of dubious killers after her uncle inherits a dangerous legacy. Lee Dong Wook brings to life Jung Jin Man, Ji An’s only family member and the enigmatic owner of the mysterious shopping mall. His character oscillates from a lazy uncle lying around or gazing at his niece with a nonchalant expression, to a man with a piercing aura. He’ll pull off an intense gun action, fueling intrigue about Jin Man’s hidden story and showcasing the actor’s versatile charm.

lee dong wook new drama
Credit: Disney Plus

Lee Dong Wook spoke about his role, “It was a character I hadn’t played before and that intrigued me. He will definitely spark curiosity among the viewers about what in the world he’s thinking.” He further elaborated on Jin Man’s relationship with his niece Ji An, emphasizing their special bond. “To Jin Man, Ji An is special. She’s his only remaining kin. He believes he must toughen her up, which is why he comes off as quite gruff,” he explained.

Lee Dong Wook also shared his experience with the action scenes, “While my previous works often involved fantasy elements, this one has more realistic and practical action scenes, which I found both refreshing and enjoyable.”

Director Lee Kwon, overseeing the production, commented on casting Lee Dong Wook: “Although he’s different from the Jin Man from the original novel, I felt his portrayal quite refreshing. From a close-up scene during the first shoot, I was convinced we had captured the essence of Jung Jin Man perfectly.”

Meanwhile, A Shop for Killers, an adaptation of Kang Ji Young’s novel, will be exclusively available on Disney Plus starting January 17th, 2024.

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Source: Disney Plus

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