Disney Plus’ ‘A Shop for Killers’ Featuring Lee Dong Wook: A Tale of Legacy and Danger

a shop for killers kdrama
Credit: Disney Plus

The upcoming Disney Plus original series A Shop for Killers dropped the teaser poster and trailer that encapsulate the series’ intensity and narrative curiosity.

The stylish new wave action series A Shop for Killers, set for a January 17th release, tells the gripping survival story of Ji An, a niece who becomes a target for sinister killers due to the dangerous legacy left by her uncle Jin Man.

The newly released teaser poster intensifies curiosity, featuring Jung Ji An (Kim Hye Jun) standing alone in front of a warehouse filled with suspicious weapons, following the mysterious death of her uncle Jung Jin Man (Lee Dong Wook). The compelling copy, “The dangerous legacy left by the uncle. Will you continue to run the shopping mall?” hints at the dangers and secrets hidden in the peculiar shopping mall, heightening expectations.

a shop for killers kdrama
Credit: Disney Plus

The trailer, beginning with a funeral portrait of Jin Man, sets a gripping tone, signaling the lonely battle Ji An faces after her uncle’s abrupt death. It then heightens the suspense with a glimpse into the core narrative, breathtaking action sequences, and the threatening enemies surrounding the mysterious shopping mall.

Jin Man’s voiceover, “Listen carefully, Ji An. Only the weak bark; the strong remain silent,” follows, leading to a display of suspicious characters like sniper Seong (Seo Hyun Woo) and the mysterious Min Hye (Geum Hae Na), slowly unveiling the shopping mall’s arsenal. The trailer stirs curiosity about the threats to Ji An and the hidden secrets of the shopping mall. The trailer’s climax showcases Ji An’s fierce gaze, accompanied by Jin Man’s words, “I’ll leave the choice to you,” leaving a lasting impression.

Directed by Lee Kwon, known for his impactful work in the series Save Me 2 and the movie Door Lock, and based on the critically acclaimed novel A Shop for Killers by author Kang Ji Young, the series is set to exclusively premiere on Disney Plus on January 17th, 2024.

Source: Disney Plus

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