Exclusive Interview: JUNGGIGO Offers Advice For 4th Gen K-Pop Singers

Credit: Warner Music Korea

JUNGGIGO, a smooth and talented vocalist known for turning up the love in the K-Pop music scene, has finally returned! After a three-year-long hiatus, JUNGGIGO is blessing our playlists once more with the release of “her,” a smooth ballad with soothing vocals fit for the winter.

Known for various hits like “Some” featuring Sistar’s Soyou, “247” with famous rapper Zion.T and D-Day from My ID is Gangnam Beauty, JUNGGIGO hadn’t made a return since “Gravity” released in January 2021. Despite the time away, JUNGGIGO arrives on the stage cool, calm, collected, and matured in both his style and sound.

JUNGGIGO shared the efforts required to stage this comeback perfectly and just how much he enjoys being a familiar name in the K-Pop scene in our exclusive interview. First, JUNGGIGO discussed how it felt to make a comeback after all this time. Rather than feeling like he was debuting again, the stage appeared to be a familiar hometown beckoning his name.

“I’m actually feeling quite calm. I haven’t been able to announce a new song for such a long time, so I wanted people to listen to ‘her’ as soon as possible, without thinking too deeply about anything else.”

As mentioned, “her” is a mellow track with a tender melody accompanied by synthetic blends of lo-fi tones, drums and electric piano. JUNGGIGO explained what exactly inspired the comforting tone and feel-good song “her.”

“I think the song’s inspiration is probably ‘comfort’. It is a song that began with the hope that my song could serve as a short break for someone’s tiring day. It is not a song with dynamic development or is very striking on people’s ears, but I’m pleased as the song became a calm song that gives comfort to people.”

Despite this being a personal comeback, JUNGGIGO worked alongside numerous artists for collaborations so we wonder who he would enjoy collaborating with in 2024? “It’s been a while since I made a comeback, so I haven’t reached that thought yet. I’m planning to actively work more in 2024, so I’m going to start thinking about it now. On the other hand, how about recommending who I can collaborate with next? “ I would love a Suzy or Taeyeon collabo, personally.

More than ever, K-pop has emerged internationally and evolved in many ways. When questioned how he felt about 4th-generation K-Pop singers, JUNGGIGO had this to say. “If there is a friend or fellow artist who needs my opinions, of course, I would help but I think the new generation is already doing an amazing job. I am really thinking about what would be the music that only I, as a veteran singer, could create in this new generation.”

Still, we wondered what would JUNGGIGO consider his biggest strength as a veteran artist or did he ever worry he had a weakness or disadvantage? Admittedly, JUNGGIGO revealed, “I do feel a bit pressured with the description ‘veteran artist’, but I would say my strength is that I held on for over twenty years. My weakness is a secret.” Smart answer!

Now, JUNGGIGO recently signed with Warner Music Korea. We pried into his thoughts and feelings about this new chapter in his career and what it means for his music.

“As said, it was a contract for a brand new chapter. I’ve always really wanted to collaborate with international artists and meet international fans, and I believe I may achieve that dream together with Warner Music Korea. We have just begun, but I’m excited and it provides huge motivation for me.”

It’s known that JUNGGIGO has a strong interest in gaming. He even started his own YouTube channel early this December. JUNGGIGO generously gave us a sneak peek into what viewers can expect alongside highlights or memorable moments from shooting with fellow celebrities like Ko Kyung Pyo.

“It was the first shooting, not the grand open on the 11th, but I’m a little stunned that people thought the channel would be launched on the 11th. The concept would be talking while having some drinks with the guests in my room. The first episode was filmed with actor Ko Kyung Pyo. We ended up drinking a lot and I can’t remember the end very well, we’ll have to wait and see the editing.”

With an answer like this, how could we not ask more about his personal life with friends? With so many close celebrities in his circle, we decided to ask JUNGGIGO if he could share a funny story with his fans as he does in this YouTube video with Sistar’s Soyou.

“It’s not much different from the daily lives you share with your friends, traveling together and drinking, etc. As celebrities, there are some parts we try to be more careful of, as every move could be a part of many people’s conversations.”

In the end, it seems we couldn’t get those drive-you-crazy details fans might have been expecting but that just means we will all have to subscribe and look forward to JUNGGIGO’s personal stories on his official YouTube channel!

Now, JUNGGIGO is slowly preparing for his next return at his own pace. With “her” being well-received and the chance to garner more international exposure due to his new label deal, it seems that the future is brighter than ever for JUNGGIGO! His world of comfort will soon become a busy one. Look forward to hearing more from JUNGGIGO in our next exclusive interview.

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