‘Death’s Game’: The Enigmatic Clues in the Series’ Opening and Ending Scenes

death's game part 2
death's game part 2
Credit: TVING

Decoding the secrets in the TVING original series Death’s Game has captivated viewers worldwide.

The show has been stirring a global buzz since its full release of Part 1 on the 15th. The series quickly entered the top 10 in 43 countries on Prime Video, including Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, and Peru. It clinched the number one spot immediately after release in Indonesia and Thailand, showcasing the strength of K-content on a global scale.

Particularly intriguing are the opening and ending scenes of Death’s Game, which hint at a grand narrative encompassing life and death. The first episode begins with a quote from the Greek poet Bacchylides, “Hardest of deaths to a mortal is the death he sees ahead.” The desperate cry and gunshot of Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk), who falls into Death’s (Park So Dam) hideout after making a forbidden choice, fuels curiosity about the impending judgment of death.

death's game part 2

Episode 2’s opening, with stark bloodstains and two dead bodies on a black-and-white screen, spurred much speculation. Amid scattered belongings of the deceased, Choi Yi Jae’s identification photo suggested a link to the deceased. Then, Episode 3’s opening, featuring a baby doll dressed in red, becomes significant when it is revealed that the sixth body Choi Yi Jae inhabits after resolver Lee Joo Hoon (Jang Seung Jo) and aspiring MMA fighter Jo Tae Sang (Lee Jae Wook) is a newborn baby.

Moreover, the two dead bodies shown throughout Episodes 2, 3, and 4 turned out to be reincarnated Choi Yi Jae in Jang Gun Woo’s (Lee Do Hyun) body and his lover Lee Ji Soo (Go Youn Jung), taking everyone by surprise. It was also revealed at the end of Episode 4 that behind Choi Yi Jae’s five deaths was Park Tae Woo (Kim Ji Hoon), the CEO of Taegang Group, adding to the shock.

As such, Death’s Game cleverly leaves clues about the twelve lives and deaths Choi Yi Jae experiences or will experience in its opening and ending scenes.

Meanwhile, Death’s Game is set to release its full Part 2 on January 5th, 2024. The series is also available for global viewing in over 240 countries via Prime Video.

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Source: TVING

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