Seo In Guk Lauds Lee Jae Wook’s Convincing Portrayal in ‘Death’s Game’

death's game seo in guk
death's game seo in guk
Credit: TVING

In a recent interview, Seo In Guk shared his thoughts on the newly released TVING original series Death’s Game, notably expressing his admiration for Lee Jae Wook‘s performance.

Death’s Game revolves around Choi Yi Jae (So In Guk), who, moments before falling into hell, is given the grim task to live out 12 deaths and lifetimes by Death (Park So Dam). The series features a unique concept where eleven actors, including Kim Ji Hoon, Choi Siwon, Sung Hoon, Jang Seung Jo, Kim Jae Wook, Lee Jae Wook, and Lee Do Hyun, portray the character of Choi Yi Jae.

In particular, Lee Jae Wook’s performance stood out, earning reactions from viewers that he “swallowed Seo In Guk’s character whole.” Seo In Guk himself was amazed, saying, “People around me have been reacting positively to Lee Jae Wook’s performance. While watching, there were moments when I thought, ‘Did I dub this part?’ His portrayal was so convincing that it sounded like my voice. It wasn’t my voice, nor was it an impersonation. He just embodied Choi Yi Jae so well. Even I was confused, which goes to show how incredible the actors were.”

death's game seo in guk
Credit: TVING

The seamless portrayal of twelve different Choi Yi Jaes was a remarkable feat, especially considering that all twelve actors didn’t have the opportunity to study the character together. This natural multi-actor performance is attributed to both the actors’ research and Director Ha Byung Hoon’s meticulous planning.

Seo In Guk explained, “The director split the table read into two parts. Initially, they filmed my early scenes as Choi Yi Jae. Then, my readings and the scenes I shot were shared with other actors portraying different versions of Choi Yi Jae. The director later showed me the scenes of other actors, and despite each Choi Yi Jae being distinct, there was a sense of unity. This harmony, I believe, was due to the director’s attention to detail, even considering the shooting dates.”

Meanwhile, part 1 of Death’s Game was released on TVING on the 15th, and part 2 is set to be unveiled on January 5th.


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