Lee Jin Wook on ‘Sweet Home 2’ Getting Mixed Reviews and Pressing Likes on G-Dragon’s Social Media Post

Lee Jin Wook Sweet Home 2
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Lee Jin Wook shared his thoughts on the mixed responses to Sweet Home 2.

“I don’t usually read the comments on my projects. It’s partly to protect my mental health,” the actor said. “I asked for some objective reviews on the series and the responses were varied. Some expressed satisfaction with Season 2 while others eagerly anticipated the next season. For me, I enjoyed watching the latest season, but I was a bit disappointed with my limited screen time. In the next season, you will see me more than you did in this season.”

The actor discussed the diverse reactions to having fewer scenes with Hyun Su (played by Song Kang) in Season 2. He responded, “I hope viewers won’t be too disappointed about that – I’m the one who should get disappointed the most. However, Season 3 will offer a more satisfying experience in that regard. If you watch the upcoming season, you’ll see the connection between Season 2 and Season 3,” with confidence.

In the show, Lee Jin Wook took on three different roles – Pyeon Sang Wook, Jung Ui Myeong, and Nam Sang Won. He explained, “Jung Ui Myeong waking up in the dead body of Pyeon Sang Wook and later swapping places with Seo Yi Kyung’s husband was somewhat convenient for me to portray, given the dramatic nature of the storyline. The complexity naturally provided guidance, and I simply had to navigate my way through it.”

Regarding the naked scene that went viral, the actor said, “I had no problem going naked, considering its necessity for the context of the scene.”

Lastly, he was asked about why he pressed likes on G-Dragon’s social media post. He replied, “Yes, I did, as I personally support him. We are close, so I wanted to cheer him on.”

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