‘Sweet Home 2’ Audience Reactions: ‘Too Many People to Be Captivating’, ‘Isn’t Nearly as Perfect as the First’

sweet home 2 review
sweet home 2 review
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Netflix original series Sweet Home Season 2 has just hit screens worldwide, returning after a three-year hiatus since the first season. Released on December 1st, the new season is making waves worldwide by captivating audiences once again.

sweet home 2 review
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The series secured the third spot on FilxPatrol’s TOP 10 TV Shows on Netflix in the World chart just two days after its release, claiming the top spot in Korea, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Right now, it’s holding strong with an 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, a 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb, gathering both positive and negative responses from both viewers and critics.

Sweet Home Season 2 picks up where it left off in the first season, with the military gathering all the Green Home survivors at a shelter, while the government searches for a vaccine by experimenting on special infectees at Bamseom. Meanwhile, Sang Wook (played by Lee Jin Wook) hijacks Hyun Su’s (Song Kang) truck with a special plan for him. 

Collider, a US-based film-specialized media outlet, commented on Season 2, stating, “Although we can expect a couple of upgraded monsters, Sweet Home 2 brings into question who the real monster is. After all, desires, controlled by fear and mistrust, are just as horrible, if not worse, than the blood-thirsty monsters preying on human beings.”

On the other hand, viewers expressed mixed reactions, mentioning disappointment that the stories of the special force led by Yu Oh Seong, the secret experiments on Bamseom, and other additions overshadowed the development of previous characters and the unfolding of the conflict narrative between Song Kang and Lee Jin Wook.

Director Lee Eung Bok addressed concerns about the second season, saying, “We have added some new characters and a different worldview. Keep an eye on the characters who’ve stepped outside the box – see how they’re changing things up and bringing their own charm to the mix.”

Here are what people are saying about the new season:

Credit: Rotten Tomatoes
Credit: Rotten Tomatoes
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