Song Kang Reflects on Going Nude for a Scene in ‘Sweet Home 2’

song kang sweet home season 2
song kang sweet home season 2
Credit: iMBC

During the press conference for the Netflix series Sweet Home 2, held on the 30th, Song Kang shared his thoughts on the project, especially the nude scene.

When asked if this would be his last project before his military enlistment, Song Kang confirmed, “Yes, it is.” He continued, “It’s a duty that I obviously need to fulfill, so I plan to wrap up Sweet Home well before leaving.”

Song Kang reflected on the significance of Sweet Home in his career, saying, “Since it’s the biggest project that has shaped my career, I’ve thought a lot about it and wrote a lot in my diary. Because it’s a fantasy creature feature, which is far removed from reality, I think I tried to ponder a lot whenever I couldn’t understand something. I reflected deeply on the mindset of Hyun Soo (his character).”

Regarding the nude scene, Song Kang joked, “My hands were sweating.” He elaborated, “I put a lot of effort into it, especially the back. I worked hard to prepare a back that looked enraged (meaning jacked). I talked a ton with the director to create the scene. And it turned out beautifully, which made me very satisfied.”

He added with a laugh, “I’m naturally very shy. I’m grateful to the director for that scene. It halved my shyness. I sincerely thank the director for helping me grow and mature as an actor.”

song kang sweet home season 2
Credit: iMBC

Director Lee Eung Bok expressed his admiration, saying, “The part that moved me the most in that scene was at the very end. It’s where he empathizes with the monster and sheds tears. The monster isn’t real, but he portrayed the sadness so poignantly. He’s become a wonderful actor, capable of evoking emotions even in difficult situations.”

Meanwhile, Sweet Home 2 will be exclusively available on Netflix on December 1st.

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  • Song kang looked stunning even covered head to toe in blood and what a body he has. Perfect face perfect body and a great actor.

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