Lee Dong Gun’s Daughter Roa Bursts Into Tears Wishing to Live With Her Dad

lee dong gun daughter
lee dong gun daughter
Credit: SBS

Lee Dong Gun enjoyed some quality time with his daughter Roa in the December 10th episode of SBS’ My Little Old Boy.

In the episode, Dong Gun was seen buying a doll for his daughter and preparing the dishes she likes. Later in the day, they went to a kids’ cafe and spent a joyful time together.

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While enjoying a pleasant time with her dad, Roa unexpectedly said, “I want to live with you,” surprising Dong Gun. He replied, “I feel the same.”

Later, on their way home to her mother’s place, Dong Gun comforted his daughter as she appeared sad. He said, “Are you upset? What happened? We’ll see each other again next week. Don’t be sad.”

Even though she responded with a simple “Okay,” Roa soon burst into tears and mentioned feeling sick. Concerned, Dong Gun said, “I’ll open the window. Daddy will go slower.” After a while, she calmed down a bit and promised to make rice balls with her dad again.

After arriving home, Dong Gun said, “You’re home now. Go inside and have fun with the gifts.” He then gathered his daughter’s belongings, and she nestled in his arms on their way to her mother’s place. Dong Gun’s part of the show’s segment ended with him looking at the empty seat where she had been sitting.

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