Lee Dong Gun Addresses His ‘Womanizer’ Reputation and Explains Why He Feels Sorry for His Daughter

Lee Dong Gun daughter
Lee Dong Gun daughter
Credit: SBS

Lee Dong Gun revealed his innermost thoughts and showcased his unexpected daily life on the popular South Korean variety show, My Little Old Boy

The episode garnered significant attention as the actor candidly addressed rumors surrounding him, offering a glimpse into his personal life.

The episode had Lee Dong Gun enjoying a mobile game, giving himself the clever nickname “Moving Gun,” and spending 19,000 won (approximately $14) on in-game items. As he sipped on a beer and kept playing, his mother walked in and yelled at him with disapproval, saying, “What’s going on here?” Her candid reaction brought laughter to the emcees and guests watching the episode.

The actor’s journey went on, and his “manner meter” on a second-hand trading app was revealed at a hot 60 degrees, which got everyone in the studio buzzing with excitement. This meter shows how good a user is based on their past deals. Everyone starts at 36.5 degrees, and the higher it goes, the better the user’s reputation. If it’s lower, it indicates potential issues. With this highly reputable score, he passionately snapped pictures of items on sale and expressed pure joy over finding a bargain baseball cap. His mother and the viewers couldn’t help but burst into laughter at his enthusiasm.

Later in the day, Lee Dong Gun’s mother decided to inspect her son’s house, scrutinizing the kitchen and refrigerator. Upon seeing liquor bottles, her disapproval was evident. The camera zoomed in on her son’s startled reaction and captured the hilarity of the situation.

Seated face to face with his mother, Lee Dong Gun shared an amusing revelation. He confessed that a fortune teller had once told him that his face had traits of both a son and a daughter, but the son wasn’t biologically his. This statement bewildered his mother, leaving her shocked. When she asked about his romantic life, he didn’t give her an easy answer.

Lee Dong Gun daughter
Credit: SBS

During a pre-production meeting with the production team, he explained, “Yeah, they call me the ‘womanizer’ in this entertainment industry. I know people don’t see me in the best light. I don’t think I’ll have much luck with dating.”

The actor’s concerns were further revealed when he mentioned his young daughter, Roa, growing up and potentially discovering his fame and personal life on the internet. He stated, “She’ll be getting her phone soon and might look up my name. When I think about that… I’m already feeling sorry and ashamed of myself.”

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Lee Dong Gun’s emotional candor in the episode touched the hearts of many viewers, shedding light on the complexities of being a public figure and a divorced parent.

SBS’s My Little Old Boy continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of entertainment and introspection. The show airs every Sunday night at 9:05 PM in South Korea.

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