Lee Dong Gun Reveals How Much He Misses His Little Daughter After Divorce

lee dong gun daughter
lee dong gun daughter
Credit: SBS

Lee Dong Gun revealed what his daughter means to him on SBS’ My Little Old Boy.

The actor shared how he felt after the divorce, “It felt so different when two people moved out, leaving me alone at the house where all three of us were living together before.” He added, “I did not want to go home because it felt so strange to be alone in the house. So I wanted to escape from it.”

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Disclosing he’s bought anything his daughter Roa might need, he revealed, “I felt so lonely that I decided to move out. I brought all my stuff from the previous house and just squeezed all that into my new studio. My ex-wife took things like a refrigerator.”

During the break, Dong Gun received a voicemail from his lovely daughter. While exchanging messages with her, he commented, “Roa doesn’t have a phone so she doesn’t make a phone call to me. So, I send the voicemail to my ex-wife first, and then Roa checks and replies to it through her mom’s phone.”

He continued, “It’s not Roa’s personal phone, so I’m very cautious about calling her up because her mom will pick it up, which made it so naturally unthinkable to call her up. Now, it’s just so typical of me either waiting for her reply or contacting her first.”

The actor said he meets her daughter every Sunday instead of having visitation right. “There are days when Roa looks for me and says, “How come you don’t come to my house?” Then, I respond that I’m busy now, but I promise to visit you on Sunday for sure.”


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