Seo In Guk Journeys Through 12 Lives in New Fantasy Drama ‘Death’s Game’

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death's game seo in guk
Credit: TVING

Seo In Guk is set to mesmerize audiences with his role as Choi Yi Jae on the judgment stage of Death.

Scheduled to premiere in December on TVING, the original series Death’s Game portrays the life-transcending drama of Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Guk), who just before falling into hell, is judged by Death to live out a sentence of 12 deaths and lifetimes.

death's game seo in guk
Credit: TVING

In the series, Seo In Guk takes on the role of Choi Yi Jae, who’s been job hunting for seven years. Born into poverty, Choi has experienced nothing but frustration and despair throughout his life, thanks to a series of job failures. His once-kind and positive personality has gradually turned into self-doubt. In an attempt to put an end to his continuous failures, Choi Yi Jae decides to end his life. However, his encounter with a new entity, Death (Park So Dam), changes everything as he embarks on a journey of 12 lives and deaths.

In a released still from an interview scene, Choi Yi Jae’s face reveals a sense of tension and unease, hinting at the challenging situations he faced during his job-seeking days. Even in the still where he stares at his monitor, one can sense his restlessness. Additionally, the unusual expression on his face, dressed in a black suit in the darkness, adds intrigue to the story.

Moreover, viewers can look forward to Seo In Guk’s performance, as he portrays 12 different lives besides from Choi Yi Jae. With a broad spectrum of acting skills that transcends genres, including romance, thriller, and fantasy, Seo In Guk is expected to seamlessly integrate into the vast world of Death’s Game.

Meanwhile, Death’s Game will make its debut on TVING in December.

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Source: TVING

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  • I will like to watch this series because it seem like it could be quiet interesting I can’t wait to watch it. Wooooo

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