Jessi Gets Candid About Psy and Jay Park as Label Heads on ‘Dolsing Fourmen’

jessi psy nation
jessi psy nation
Credit: SBS

On the October 31st episode of SBS’s variety show Dolsing Fourmen, Jessi made a guest appearance and let the candor fly.

The singer, who recently switched from Psy’s P Nation to Jay Park’s AOMG, was asked point-blank, “Do you prefer Jay Park or Psy? Answer in three seconds.” Without skipping a beat, she shouted, “I don’t like either.”

Jessi went on to clarify, “If we’re talking on a human level, then Jay Park.” She continued, “It’s not that I dislike Psy. Psy has a lot of experience, and I’ve respected and followed his opinions. With Jay Park, we were friends first, then I joined his label, so we’re still figuring things out as we go along, fighting.”

When Lee Sang Min quizzed her, “I heard Psy told you not to wear revealing outfits,” Jessi coolly retorted, “He didn’t stop me; he just kind of limited it. But if someone tells me not to do something, I tend to do it even more. You know how hot it gets on stage; who would wear long clothes?” She then added, “Nobody says anything about Beyoncé dressing sexy. I think it’s a cultural difference. Eventually, Psy didn’t say anything about what I wore.”

On a related note, Jessi previously opened up on SBS Radio’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time, saying, “After leaving my previous agency, I’ve been working solo. I learned a lot and was betrayed by people. I just kept enduring to the point where my body couldn’t take it anymore.”

“I was stressed and betrayed, and people left me, so I was really hurt. And that’s showing on my body. I’m so stressed that I can’t sleep when I go home,” she went on to reveal. “People say Jessi is honest, but that makes it hard for me to openly talk about my pain. I wanted to only show my cheerful side, so I deliberately talked nonstop on TV shows.”

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