‘The Worst of Evil’ Final Episode Recap: Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Jun’s Showdown Ends in Shocking Conclusion

the worst of evil ending explained
the worst of evil ending explained
Credit: Disney Plus

The final episode of Disney Plus’ The Worst of Evil ended in a jaw-dropping conclusion.

In the final three episodes, Gi Chul (Wi Ha Joon) starts envisioning living a normal life with Eui Jung. He entrusts Joon Mo (Ji Chang Wook) with a pivotal role in a high-stakes drug trade involving Korea, China, and Japan. Meanwhile, Hae Ryeon’s (BIBI) feelings deepens even more for Joon Mo, and Jung Bae (Im Sung Jae) makes secretive moves to strike back, intensifying the suspense.

the worst of evil ending explained
Credit: Disney Plus

In Episode 11, Joon Mo visits the drug trading site and secures a crucial piece of evidence. However, Jung Bae consistently disrupts his plans.

Episode 12 shows the ultimate collapse of the Gangnam Union. Gi Chul’s words, “If it weren’t for me, would you all have come this far?” and Heesung’s (Cha Rae Hyung) response, “It’s not just you, we’ve all risked our lives for this game,” reveal the conflicts that had been festering within the ring. Meanwhile, Hae Ryeon learns Joon Mo’s true identity and becomes engulfed by storms of emotions.

the worst of evil ending explained
Credit: Disney Plus

The final episode has Joon Mo revealing his identity to Gi Chul. He bring the ring down but lets Gi Chul go, indirectly giving him the chance to start his life anew. However, Gi Chul heads straight to their honeymoon house in fur and meets a tragic death at Joon Mo’s hands. Consequently, the two cops get promoted but their marriage is now unrepairable. The final episode ends with him visiting Gi Chul’s grave and leaving his wedding ring behind.

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