Netflix’s ‘Believer 2’ Drops New Shocking Looks of Han Hyo Joo, Cha Seung Won and More

believer 2 korean movie
believer 2 korean movie
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s upcoming film Believer 2, directed by Baek Jong Yul, has just dropped some tantalizing character stills.

Serving as the sequel to the 2018 film Believer, the new installment takes us back to the brutal underworld. After a fierce battle at Yongsan Station, Detective Won Ho (Cho Jin Woong), who is still on the trail of Mr. Lee, starts a ruthless battle with the vanished Rak (Oh Seung Hoon), the resurfaced Brian (Cha Seung Won), and Big Knife (Han Hyo Joo).

Cho Jin Woong reprises his role as Detective Won Ho, who believes the real “Mr. Lee” is still at large. He’s relentless in his pursuit of unveiling Mr. Lee’s true identity. Cha Seung Won is back and badder than ever as Brian, who gets arrested due to Won Ho’s operation but manages a dramatic escape to plot his next big move.

believer 2 korean movie
Credit: Netflix

Han Hyo Joo undergoes her most transformative acting shift ever, taking on the role of Big Knife, Mr. Lee’s right-hand woman and the organization’s “cleaner.” With just a cold stare, she conveys an overwhelming presence. She becomes merciless in her quest to win Mr. Lee’s undivided attention. Director Baek changed the original male character of Big Knife to a female role especially for Han, who went the extra mile with intense physical training, wearing dentures and glasses, and roughening up her skin to fully get into character.

believer 2 korean movie
Credit: Netflix

Joining the ensemble is Oh Seung Hoon as the new face of Rak (was originally Ryu Jun Yeol). After what everyone thought was the final showdown at Yongsan Station in Believer, Rak makes his move to close the gap with Mr. Lee. Also reprising their roles are Kim Dong Young and Lee Joo Young as Manko and Rona, the siblings who are in charge of manufacturing drug Laika.

Meanwhile, Believer 2 will premiere exclusively on Netflix on November 17th.

Source: Netflix

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