Netflix Confirms the Production and Casting of ‘Believer 2’

Netflix movie Believer 2
Netflix movie Believer 2
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Netflix has confirmed the production of the sequel to the hit movie Believer.

Believer 2 is a crime action movie depicting what happens after the bloody war in Yongsan Station. It paints out the war between detective Won Ho, who’s still after Mr. Lee; Rak, who went missing; Brian, who appeared in front of the two again; and the new character Big Knife.

This upcoming sequel comes from The Beauty Inside director Baik. Believer 2 follows the investigation of Won Ho, who’s still chasing after the real identity of the drug cartel even after Brian got arrested and Rak went missing. Today, Netflix officially announced the stellar cast, heightening expectations.

First, Cho Jin Woong is returning as Won Ho, a tenacious detective who’s been tracking the identity of Mr. Lee for a long time. Also, Cha Seung Won plays the recurring role of Brian, who claimed himself to be Mr. Lee in the first installment. Kim Dong Young and Lee Joo Young also return as deaf siblings Manko and Rona, the best drug makers of the cartel.

Here, Han Hyo Joo and Oh Seung Hoon will newly join the cast. Taking on the role of Big Knife, Han Hyo Joo will make the biggest transformation in her career. Big Knife is a person who knows the reality of Mr. Lee, the unseen boss of the drug cartel. She’ll bring danger with her every time she shows up, doubling the tension of the play.

Moreover, Oh Seung Hoon will replace Ryu Jun Yeol to play the lead character Rak, who helped Won Ho with his investigation in Believer. After making his debut in the movie Method, the actor swept best new actor awards at major film awards, including the 55th Grand Bell Awards and 27th Buil Film Awards.

Source: Netflix

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