Will Disney Plus’ ‘Moving’ Get Season 2? Anticipation Mounts

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The anticipation for Disney Plus series Moving‘s second season is growing as the first season ended with a happy ending, unlike the original webtoon.

Moving is a fantasy thriller drama about a group of innocent teenagers with extraordinary abilities who go head-to-head with some of the world’s most powerful governments. The show, which writer Kang Full described as “the good-over-evil” story, has ended on a positive note. 

Last week’s episode concluded with a tense face-off between the protagonists and the North Korean psychics, who stormed into Jeongwon High School in search of those with superpowers. Picking up where it left off, the final episode featured a spectacular showdown between the two forces.

Strongly determined to protect their children, Mi Hyun (played by Han Hyo Joo), Joo Won (Ryu Seung Ryong) and Jae Man (Kim Sung Kyun) use their powers to save their kids from danger. Meanwhile, North Korean soldier Joon Hwa (Yang Dong Geun) manages to head back to his home country and eliminates a high-ranking officer.

Joon Hwa releases Doo Shik (Jo In Sung) upon realizing that the authorities could target the children. Doo Shik returns to the South and kills NIS director Min Young Jun (Moon Sung Keun), who had planned the entire operation, before reuniting with his family.

After graduation, Kim Bong Seok continues to save people as the “yellow-clad hero” while Ju Won and Hee Soo go about their lives with North Korean soldier Yong Deuk (Park Kwang Jae).

The post-credit scenes ramp up excitement for Season 2, with Frank (Ryu Seung Bum) making a surprising return even after getting taken out by those South Korean psychics he couldn’t assassinate.

The scene where Ma Sang Gu (Park Byung Eun) taking over Deputy Director Min’s position hints at what lies ahead in the upcoming season. Furthermore, Shin Hye Won (Shim Dal Gi) was unveiled as one of the most powerful figures within the NIS. In the series, she is Hee Soo’s classmate with a power that stops aging. Her character plays a more significant role in Bridge, the sequel to the original webtoon.

Furthermore, in the sixteenth episode, Choi Il Hwan (Kim Hee Won) drops the name of Kim Young Tak, a teacher at Jeongwon High School featured in Kang Full’s other webtoons likeTiming, Again and Bridge, adding to the excitement for the upcoming second season.

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