Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min Turn ’30 Days’ Into Comedy Gold as a Wacky Married Couple

30 days jung so min
30 days jung so min
Credit: Mindmark

The upcoming comedy movie 30 Days has dropped a set of new sneak peek photos featuring Jung So Min and Kang Ha Neul.

30 Days portrays the comical story of Jung Yeol (played by Kang Ha Neul) and Nara (Jung So Min), a couple on the brink of divorce due to their quirky personalities and inability to tolerate each other. However, in a surprising turn of events, they fall victim to a rare shared memory loss disorder just before they were about to call it quits on their marriage.

The preview stills capture their journey, from their almost beautiful initial encounter to their current state with memory loss. Their affectionate gazes offer a glimpse into their youthful past where their love remained unshaken despite the disapprovals from their parents.

30 days jung so min
Credit: Mindmark

However, the romance takes a backseat as they struggle to cope with each other’s eccentricities, entering a challenging phase of their relationship. Images of torn couple photos in the background and their weary expressions as they sit apart from each other add an air of intrigue to the story of their unpredictable journey toward divorce.

30 days jung so min
Credit: Mindmark

Additionally, their surprised expressions at the hospital hint at unexpected things happening before their impending divorce.

30 Days will premiere in theaters on October 3rd.

Source: Mindmark

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