Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min’s Comedy Movie Gets Chemistry-Filled New Poster

kang ha neul jung so min
kang ha neul jung so min
Credit: Mindmark

Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min’s new comedy film 30 Days released a fresh main poster filled with playful chemistry.

30 Days follows an enthralling journey of Jung Yeol and Nara as the couple happen to lose their memories in a tragic accident 30 days before getting divorced.

The new poster catches the eye with the playful vibe of the two leads in their respective characters – Kang Ha Neul as Jung Yeol, who is handsome and intelligent yet dorky, and Jung So Min as a successful, capable woman Nara who is apparently an oddball. The two stars are anticipated to bring a burst of hearty laughter with their eccentricity in the show.

Furthermore, the phrase on the poster that says, “With Memory and Romance out the Window, Only Laughter Is Left!” raises curiosity about what will happen to the two who no longer remembers their past memories due to the sudden memory loss.

30 Days is set to hit theaters on October 3rd.

Source: Mindmark

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