Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min Return to Big Screen With Comic Mastery ’30 Days’

jung so min new movie
jung so min new movie
Credit: Mindmark

Returning with unparalleled comic chemistry, Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min‘s comedy movie 30 Days (literal title) confirmed its release on October 3rd.

30 Days is a comedy featuring Jeong Yeol (Kang Ha Neul) and Na Ra (Jung So Min) who, barely enduring each other’s nerdiness and quirks, fall into mutual amnesia just before becoming complete strangers. Along with the release date, the movie dropped the laugh-filled teaser poster and trailer.

The unveiled teaser posters grab attention with a unique concept, radiating subtle madness from the characters. Jeong Yeol, blessed with intelligence, appearance, and nerdiness, and Na Ra, endowed with talent, career, and quirkiness, stare into space, smiling. The captions “D-30 to happiness” and “D-30 to freedom” pique curiosity about the much-anticipated D-30.

jung so min new movie
Credit: Mindmark

The released teaser trailer focuses on Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min, reunited with legendary comic chemistry. Beginning with Jeong Yeol and Na Ra and their movie-like first meeting, a twist quickly unfolds with a 180-degree shift in the atmosphere. Bubbling with childish bickering, the line “This is a blood-spurting story” is shown, inducing laughter.

Following a sudden traffic accident that triggers mutual amnesia just before they become complete strangers, the caption “This is a laughter-spurting story” provokes curiosity about the unpredictable story and comic chemistry they will present. The teaser ends with Jeong Yeol’s joker-like smile and Na Ra’s shock, promising a comedy that’ll blow up your Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving).

Source: Mindmark

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