FIFTY FIFTY Faces Legal Loss Against Agency ATTRAKT: What’s Next?

fifty fifty attrakt issue
fifty fifty attrakt issue

In a crushing blow, FIFTY FIFTY has lost its legal skirmish with its management company, ATTRAKT.

On the 28th, the court rejected FIFTY FIFTY’s petition to suspend their exclusive contract with the agency.

Back on June 19th, FIFTY FIFTY raised red flags about the agency’s “opaque accounting” and “negligence in physical and mental health management of the members.” The girls held their ground, refusing to negotiate and even submitting applications for reexamination twice. However, the court dismissed the case rather than move forward with a full trial.

The court reviewed all the evidence submitted by FIFTY FIFTY’s side but concluded that there’s no sufficient basis for claims of a breach of trust, lack of accounting transparency, and poor health management.

Jeon Hong Jun, the head of ATTRAKT, expressed relief after finally clearing his name. He’s still hoping for the members to return. However, he remains steadfast in pursuing legal action against An Seong Il and The Givers, whom he accuses of instigating the conflict.

Now, all eyes are on whether the members will return to ATTRAKT.

Currently, public opinion of FIFTY FIFTY is at an all-time low. Fans are disappointed that a group that hasn’t even been around for a full year and only has one hit song, “Cupid,” would criticize an agency that had supported them wholeheartedly. The label “traitor idols” has even been thrown around to describe the group.

Nevertheless, as Jeon strongly desires the members’ return, there may still be a chance for the group’s image to rebound. However, the members stated, “We will discuss the possibility of an appeal after reviewing the court’s decision,” suggesting that a harmonious reconciliation seems unlikely at the moment.

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