‘Moving’ Review: A Romantic and Action-Packed Ride with Heroes

moving review

Edited by Kim Won Hee
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

moving review
Credit: Disney Plus

At last, Disney Plus has unveiled an original drama bursting with intense allure. The 50 billion KRW (approx. 42.5 million USD) blockbuster Moving has enjoyed consistent acclaim since its release. As the adaptation of the webtoon of the same name, it has drawn attention with its stellar cast and the participation of Kangfull, the original creator, in the scriptwriting. The drama narrates the story of people hiding their supernatural powers and the forces pursuing them.

High school student Kim Bong Seok (Lee Jung Ha) lives with his mother Lee Mi Hyun (Han Hyo Joo), who runs a pork cutlet restaurant. Bong Seok inherited sensory powers from Mi Hyun and flying ability from his father Kim Du Sik (Jo In Sung). Struggling to control his flying power, Bong Seok hides his abilities by gaining weight and carrying heavy objects. But his secret is uncovered when he meets transfer student Jang Hee Soo (Go Youn Jung) and feels butterflies in his stomach. Hee Soo, who inherited regeneration powers from her father Jang Ju Won (Ryu Seung Ryong), grows closer to Bong Seok as they share their secrets. Meanwhile, a mysterious character, Frank (Ryu Seung Bum), posing as a deliveryman, begins to eliminate superhumans hiding their past identities. Keeping her eyes on these killings disguised as accidents, Mi Hyun realizes that someone is targeting the superhumans.

Moving launched seven episodes in the first week and releases two new episodes every week. Early episodes focus on the narratives of Bong Seok, Hee Soo, and Lee Kang Hoon (Kim Do Hoon), the superhumans’ offspring. The story of Bong Seok and Kang Hoon, who have lived hiding their abilities, and Hee Soo, who discovers her power after getting entangled in a school bullying, crafts the characters of the second-generation superhumans. At the same time, it adorably illustrates budding high school romance. From her first appearance, Hee Soo shows off her down-to-earth charm, and Bong Seok tenderly cares for Hee Soo, providing viewers the heartbeat of first love. Kang Hoon feels half curiosity and half affection towards Hee Soo, showing jealousy at Bong Seok and Hee Soo’s relationship. The actors perfectly embody their roles, exuding fresh and lovable charms. In addition to the love triangle, the consistent message that empathy and understanding others are paramount adds to the drama’s appeal.

The action sequences, particularly those involving Frank, a retired agent in hiding, are also a spectacle. Ryu Seung Bum’s return to the screen as Frank, a regenerating superhuman, offers thrilling confrontations with superhumans possessing various abilities, Jin Cheon (Baek Hyun Jin) with super strength, Na Ju (Kim Guk Hee) with clairvoyant abilities and outstanding marksmanship, and Bong Pyeong (Choi Deok Moon) with electric abilities. With visceral action and visuals, the drama delivers genre-specific allure that only R-rated series can provide. More than mere action set-pieces, these sequences are laden with emotional weight, contrasting the parents’ affection for their children and Frank’s pain of being abandoned by his family.

moving review
Credit: Disney Plus

From episodes 8 and 9, released in the second week, the story delves into the parents’ generation. The romance between former secret agents Mi Hyun and Du Sik is particularly compelling. While the romance of the younger generation was cute and innocent, the gradually deepening love between these two leaves a lingering, passionate aftertaste. Coupled with superb chemistry between Han Hyo Joo and Jo In Sung, their love story becomes even more enchanting.

As Moving races towards its halfway mark in a total of 20 episodes, many threads are left to unravel, from the history of other retired agents to the NIS secretly training second-generation superhumans, to North Korean agents starting to chase them. The genre enjoyment showcased so far sets an exciting stage for the upcoming storyline. (8/10)

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