‘Mask Girl’ Takes Netflix by Storm, Ranking No. 2 Globally in Non-English Category

mask girl reviews
mask girl reviews
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s Mask Girl has achieved the number two spot in the Global TOP 10 (Non-English) category just three days after its release.

Mask Girl depicts the tumultuous journey of Kim Momi, an average office worker plagued by appearance insecurities. By night, she hides behind a mask as an Internet broadcast jockey (BJ) and gets entangled in unexpected events. The show proved its popularity by reaching No. 2 on Netflix’s TOP 10 within three days of its launch, recording 2.8 million views. As of the 23rd, Mask Girl has made the TOP 10 list in 14 countries, including South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

With its one-of-a-kind premise, exclusive triple-casting, and exceptional direction, Mask Girl is receiving rave reviews from both domestic and international media and viewers.

Mask Girl is fascinating because we have absolutely no idea where the story is going after Episode 1, and we want to find out. In short, it keeps you hooked.” (MM News). “It’s fresh and original” (IMDb). “Momi’s twisted life unfolds unpredictably, elevating the engagement” (Dailian Jang Su Jeong). The reviews highlighted the whirlwind development and creative plot.

Further accolades include the following: “The early immersion of Lea Han Byeol, the pushing momentum of Nana, and the overwhelming atmosphere by Go Hyun Jung’s expression and pronunciation” (columnist Jeong Yu Mi). “Ahn Jae Hong’s transformation of a ‘hater’ character into something ‘excellent’ with his ‘superior’ performance” (Sports Chosun Mun Ji Yeon). “You may find yourself repeatedly pressing the ‘next episode’ button, addicted to the thrilling taste this work offers” (JTBC News Park Jung Sun).

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Source: Netflix

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