Kim Hee Seon Reveals Her Clever Approach to Navigating Her Daughter’s Teenage Years

kim hee sun husband
kim hee sun husband
Credit: tvN

Kim Hee Seon talked about her lovely daughter and husband on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block.

The actress made her return to the silver screen with Honeysweet after a long hiatus. She said, “I had many affectionate scenes with Yoo Hae Jin. Particularly, my character doesn’t hold back in showing affection for him,” raising anticipations about her new movie. When it comes to her daughter’s reaction to such scenes, she shared, “She got really excited and asked me, ‘Is that a kiss or a peck?'”

Hee Seon’s daughter is currently a middle school student. When asked if she goes through rebellious phases, Hee Seon responded, “I think she skipped the tough parts of puberty and quickly realized I wouldn’t give in if she argued with me. You know, menopause beats puberty. Since she was young, I’ve always brainwashed her into believing that if we argue, I will definitely win.” Describing her daughter’s personality, Hee Seon remarked, “She is very similar to her dad.”

Kim Hee Seon’s daughter is known as a talented child. Sharing her parenting approach, she explained, “You shouldn’t be forceful. Your role is to let your kids understand the consequences of being irresponsible. They learn lessons when they get scolded severely for not doing their homework. For me, I would always read scripts while she did her homework.”

When Yoo Jae Seok asked her about her husband’s thoughts on having a beautiful wife, she humorously replied, “I feel so sorry for my husband. I look disheveled at home with my hair undone. He has to see a very casual version of me in pajamas.”

kim hee sun husband
Credit: tvN

Kim Hee Seon, known for her high alcohol tolerance, revealed that she used to consume up to 20 cups of soju bomb. Sharing various alcohol-related stories, she recounted, “Once, I was drinking champagne near my house when my mother-in-law walked by and saw me. Later, I found out that she had actually paid for my drink.”

She continued, “After I got engaged, I stayed at my in-laws’ house for a month. My father-in-law would leave a note on the door of my room, saying, ‘I’ve bought a hangover drink for you, so please have it.’ Even my mother-in-law used to prepare hangover soup for me, mentioning that she had never made it for a daughter-in-law before.”

Reflecting on her hiatus due to parenting, the actress shared, “After marriage and childbirth, I took a break for six years. Back then, when I saw my fellow actors succeeding in great projects on TV, I felt a bit sad and miserable. While I was on a break, I felt like I was falling behind and wondered, ‘Will I be able to return to my career?’ It was a challenging thought for me during that time.”

She emphasized, “I haven’t done so many projects before, but I realized that I feel happiest when I’m working. I enjoy being on set and feel grateful to take on that role. It feels wonderful to know that people like me and find value in my presence.”

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