Park Seo Joon Faces Both Flak and Support Over Recent Events at ‘Concrete Utopia’ Greetings

Park Seo Joon
Park Seo Joon
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Park Seo Joon finds himself in a hot spot, facing both criticism and support for what happened at the recent Concrete Utopia greetings.

Recently, a post spotlighting Park Seo Joon’s demeanor during the past weekend’s stage greeting for his upcoming film Concrete Utopia broke the internet. According to the post, a fan had prepared “Zootopia” themed headbands symbolizing the on-screen couple roles played by Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young.

Park Bo Young graciously wore the headband and handed the other one to the actor. However, Park Seo Joon declined it, suggesting with his gesture that it might ruin his hair. Park Bo Young simply nodded and held onto both headbands.

The short clip led to mixed reactions. Some pointed out that stage greetings are meant to express gratitude to audiences, and the actor’s reluctance showed a lack of “fan service.” Others highlighted the inconsistency, noting he’d previously worn similar items at the premiere for Dream. On the flip side, some defended Park Seo Joon, questioning, “Is this even worth a controversy?” and showing their support for the actor.

But this wasn’t the only incident surrounding Park Seo Joon. The actor faced an unexpected event during the Concrete Utopia stage greeting on the 5th. As part of a promotional event, the Concrete Utopia cast handed out gifts to selected audience members.

During this, a woman, who wasn’t among the selected winners, unexpectedly got up on the stage and hugged Park Seo Joon. The actor was visibly taken aback. The security intervened before she could approach another cast member Lee Byung Hun. After the incident, Park Seo Joon was seen taking a relieved breath and brushing his chest.

People voiced concerns, with comments like, “Why didn’t the guards intervene sooner?” and “What if she had a weapon or something?” They showed more worries since Park Seo Joon recently confessed in an interview about being a victim of stalking.

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