Lee Byung Hun Treats Stars to Vietnam Trip: Full Cost of BH Entertainment Workshop Covered

Lee Byung Hun BH Entertainment
Credit: MMTG

Lee Byung Hun revealed that he has paid the full cost of the BH Entertainment workshop in an interview for Concrete Utopia.

Credit: Lee Byung Hun Instagram

Twenty artists housed at BH Entertainment, including Lee Byung Hun, Han Hyo Joo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Jin Wook, and Go Soo, along with 42 employees and CEO Son Seok Woo, traveled to Vietnam for a four-day workshop in May. Later, it made headlines when it was disclosed that Lee Byung Hun had covered all expenses for the workshop.

Credit: Lee Byung Hun Instagram

During the interview, the actor shared that the workshop had been a long-cherished dream of CEO Son Seok Woo, with whom he had worked closely for years. “For the past ten years, Mr. Son has mentioned several times how great it would be to have a workshop,” Byung Hun said. He continued, “Then, about six months ago, he said, ‘I’m thinking of doing it this year.’ I jokingly replied, ‘It must be quite a task to schedule everything.'”

Credit: MMTG

He explained, “We always have a year-end party, and last year, around 70 actors and staff attended. Towards the end of the party, Mr. Son said, ‘There’s something I want to say,’ and asked me to read what was written on the wall.” Byung Hun humorously recounted how he read aloud ‘BH overseas workshop’ from the wall, adding, “I must have said it in a tipsy state, but I blurted out that I’ll pay for everything for the trip.”

When asked about how his decision was received at home, he answered, “Well, there was some initial surprise, but overall, my family was understanding,” with a smile.

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun founded BH Entertainment with his former manager, Son Seok Woo.

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