New TVING Series ‘Queen Woo’ Gives a Glimpse Into First Table Read

queen woo kdrama cast
queen woo kdrama cast
Credit: TVING

The original TVING series Queen Woo (literal title) had a riveting acting showdown in the first table read.

Queen Woo is a riveting historical action-drama following the exploits of Queen Woo. After the sudden death of the king, Queen Woo has only 24 hours to ensure the rightful heir to the throne while being at the center of the attention of ambitious princes and five influential clans, each vying for power following the sudden death of the king. The thrilling 24-hour pursuit toward the throne is set to be brought to life by a stellar cast, including Jeon Jong Seo, Kim Moo Yul, Ji Chang Wook, Jung Yu Mi, Lee Soo Hyuk, and more.

The recent table read was graced by director Jung Se Gyo, screenwriter Lee Byung Hak, and the actors set to carry the series forward.

Jeon Jong Seo flawlessly embodied the unflinching dignity and bold spirit of Queen Woohee of Goguryeo, a character marked by beauty and wisdom. Kim Moo Yul, playing the role of Eul Paso, the chief military officer of Goguryeo, successfully encapsulated the shrewd character’s tone with his seasoned finesse. Ji Chang Wook, entrusted with the role of King Go Nammu, captivated the room, transforming it into a battlefield.

Adding to the riveting tension of the pursuit was Jung Yu Mi, playing Queen Woohee’s elder sister Woosoon, and Lee Soo Hyuk, portraying Prince Go Balgi after the throne. Their performances exuded stability and intensified the suspense of the chase.

Meanwhile, Queen Woo began filming on the same day and will to premiere on TVING in 2024. The series will also be available on Paramount Plus.

Source: TVING

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