Son Suk Ku Clarifies ‘Fake Acting’ Remark Following Criticism From Veteran Actor

Credit: JTBC

Son Suk Ku has sent a handwritten apology to Nam Myung Ryul, who had sharply criticized his remarks on “fake acting.”

Son Suk Ku appeared on JTBC’s Newsroom on the 23rd, where he had an opportunity to address the recent controversy.

A few days ago, Son sparked a controversy when he talked about “the fake acting” he had to do in plays. To which veteran actor Nam Myung Ryul sharply pointed out, “Ha-ha-ha, I just laugh. Such arrogance.”

During the interview, anchorwoman Kang Ji Young asked, “There has been controversy over your remarks about acting in a play. How do you feel about the misinterpretation of your original intention?”

Son responded, “When I started acting over a decade ago, I sometimes felt like I was being forced to do a certain kind of acting that felt too conventional like there was a ‘correct’ way. But that wasn’t really the case. I think I felt that way due to my own narrow-mindedness and stubbornness at the time. However, this gave me the motivation to develop my own unique color.”

He continued, “When I choose a project now, I think a lot about that. I think about how the picture will turn out when I infuse my own color into this work. But the immature language that I often use with my actor friends, saying things like ‘Why are you acting so fake,’ was mixed in and caused misunderstandings. So, I wrote a personal letter of apology to Nam Myung Ryul, who accepted my apology and said he would come to see the play.”

When Kang asked what kind of comment he expects from Nam, Son said, “I’m very curious too. It could be positive comments or negative ones. Both can serve as nutrients for me. I believe he will sprinkle water that can help me grow.”

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