Son Suk Ku Faces Backlash from Nam Myung Ryul Over His “Fake Acting” Statement

Son Suk Ku controversy
Son Suk Ku controversy
Credit: Yonhap News, SBS News

Veteran actor Nam Myung Ryul has criticized Son Suk Ku for his controversial remark about “fake acting” since his return to the theater.


On the 14th, Nam Myung Ryul wrote on his Facebook, “Ha-ha-ha, I just laugh. Such arrogance.” This remark targeted what Son Suk Ku said at a press conference on June 27th for the play Army on the Tree, where he returned to the theater after nine years.

On that day, Son stated, “I originally intended to only do plays and had no intention to branch out to other media until my early 30s, when I moved to films and dramas.” He recalled, “At that time, they say you need to whisper love (in acting). But I couldn’t understand why they asked for fake acting to whisper (when I’m actually not whispering so the audience could hear) instead of just putting a mic on me. So, I quit and moved on to film.” He added, “I wanted to see if my acting style would work in a play too when I decided to do theater again.”

Nam Myung Ryul further commented, “Seriously, you should think about how to do real acting while whispering so it’s audible to a 350-seat audience. If you haven’t worried about that, you should take back your statement that you intended to only do plays.” He scoffed, “There are plenty of actors who can fill 350 seats even with a whisper.”

Not long after, Nam ultimately closed the comments section, likely due to the ensuing online debate following his criticism.

Meanwhile, Son Suk Ku, popular for his roles in the drama My Liberation Notes and the movie The Roundup, returned to the stage last month after nine years with Army on the Tree.

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