Kim Young Dae and Pyo Ye Jin to Unfold a Love Story Beyond Time in New ENA Drama

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The Moon that Rises in the Day (literal title) confirmed its premiere on October 25th with an alluring cast including Kim Young Dae, Pyo Ye Jin, On Ju Wan, and Jung Woong In.

The Moon that Rises in the Day spins a gripping tale of a man whose time has frozen following his lover’s murder and a woman whose memories of her past life have tragically faded away. This dangerous and poignant reincarnation romance promises an immersive story that straddles both past and present.

Kim Young Dae takes on the challenge of dual roles, Korea’s top star Han Jun Oh and an elite nobleman Do Ha from the ancient Silla dynasty. Jun Oh, despite his refined looks, grapples with feelings of inferiority. After surviving a car crash, his persona undergoes a 180-degree change, being possessed by Do Ha’s spirit. From an immature top star to a dignified nobleman from Silla, the actor will unveil a remarkable transformation in the series.

Credit: NAVER Webtoon

Likewise, Pyo Ye Jin plays the dual roles of Kang Young Hwa, a former firefighter-turned-bodyguard, and Han Rita, the lone survivor of a noble family of the Gaya confederacy. Young Hwa, dubbed the “miracle firefighter,” saves Jun Oh’s life in a car crash, which eventually makes her serve as his personal bodyguard.

On Ju Wan portrays Han Min Oh, CEO of Beginning Entertainment and Jun Oh’s brother who’s devoted his life to his sibling. Rounding out the main cast, Jung Woong In plays Seok Chul Hwan, the former CEO of Beginning Entertainment who, after losing the company to Han Min Oh, leads a homeless life and harbors a grudge against the Han brothers.

Meanwhile, The Moon that Rises in the Day is based on the NAVER webtoon of the same name by Heyum, which has garnered a whopping 700 million views. The series is helmed by Producer and Full House director Pyo Min Soo. The show will air on ENA every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM KST, beginning October 25th.

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