IU on Working with Park Seo Joon and Acting Tips from Boyfriend & Jo Jung Suk

iu lee jong suk
iu lee jong suk
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In the new interview, IU candidly and delightfully shared behind-the-scenes stories about Dream and showcased her bright yet profound charm, openly sharing her thoughts.


When asked about her experience working with Park Seo Joon and what kind of person and actor he is, IU responded, “I didn’t have many opportunities to chat with Seo Joon privately. But whenever I observed him from a distance, I always felt he was truly remarkable

“He managed to maintain the same tension and energy without ever faltering. I felt his incredible stamina in keeping that up,” she continued. “We filmed for about four years, and although I didn’t see him every day, I never once showed a disappointing attitude. Not even for a moment. I really think he’s an amazing and charismatic actor.”

IU and Lee Jong Suk went public with their relationship earlier this year. So does she discuss acting with her boyfriend? “Of course, I talk about acting with my boyfriend,” she replied. “Since we’re in the same profession, we share our concerns and uncertainties about certain scenes. Whenever I’m unsure, I send out an SOS to my actor friends, including my boyfriend.”

When asked if she received any SOS help while preparing for her latest movie Dream, IU revealed for the first time, “When I was preparing for the first table reading, I wanted to do well in the comedic scenes but lacked confidence. So I asked Jo Jung Suk for some ideas. He sent me around eight different suggestions for my character So Min’s lines early in the morning.”

Meanwhile, Dream tells the story of a reckless former soccer player, Hong Dae (Park Seo Joon), and a passionless TV producer, So Min (IU), who team up with a motley crew of homeless national team players to pursue an impossible dream.

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