Kim Woo Bin Become a Mysterious Deliveryman in Upcoming Netflix Series ‘Black Knight’

Credit: Netflix

Netflix series Black Knight unveiled the main poster featuring Kim Woo Bin as the black knight on the 20th.

Set in a future Korean Peninsula where severe air pollution makes oxygen respirators essential, Black Knight follows the story of legendary deliveryman 5-8 (Kim Woo Bin) and refugee Sawol (Kang Yoo Seok) as they confront the Cheonmyeong Group, which rules the new world.

Netflix unveiled the main poster for the show, hyping expectations. The poster shows a glimpse into the world of deliverymen who have evolved into protectors, beyond merely delivering oxygen and necessities. Lining up behind Kim Woo Bin dressed in black, unlike the typical uniform, people wearing black masks and caps evoke curiosity.

Kim Woo Bin explained, “During the day, like other regular delivery men, we deliver packages in our assigned areas. At night, we help the lives of refugees and contemplate together how we can all live well together,” introducing the English title Black Knight.

Director Jo Ui Seok emphasized the difference, saying, “The English title isn’t Deliverymen, as you’d think the common translation would be. I thought about naming this organization, comprised of selected deliverymen, the Black Knight.”

On the desertified Earth, oxygen has become the most significant resource for survival, and the availability of oxygen now distinguishes social classes in a murky world. What kind of performance would these Black Knights, who have gathered to break the social order created by Cheonmyeong Group that seeks to solidify their class system by controlling oxygen distribution, show?

Black Knight will be released on Netflix on May 12th.


Source: Netflix

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