Lee Sung Kyung Opens Up About Dating Rumors Involving Her and Kim Young Kwang

lee sung kyung kim young kwang
lee sung kyung kim young kwang
Credit: Walt Disney Company Korea

Lee Sung Kyung talked about the dating rumors involving her and co-star Kim Young Kwang in an interview for Call It Love.

Lee Sung Kyung shared, “The director told us that even from the first two episodes, the editing team was satisfied with our acting and showed us how lovely we gazed into each other’s eyes.”

Kim Young Kwang added, “She mentioned that there was a possibility of people mistaking us for actual lovers, but I didn’t take her words seriously back then. I simply thought she was trying to motivate us. However, after seeing how beautifully the editing team captured our scene, I was grateful for her work as it made us work even harder on set.”

lee sung kyung kim young kwang
Credit: ELLE Korea

At a recent press conference, Director Lee Kwang Young revealed that the editing team had their doubts about the nature of the relationship between the lead characters. “Throughout the filming of the series, there was a noticeable shift in how the lead actors looked at each other. Particularly, when Kim Young Kwang’s character gazed into Lee Sung Kyung’s character with a look of love, it seemed to enhance her beauty even more. Overall, it was an intriguing experience for the whole team.”

During the same press conference, Lee Sung Kyung revealed that she and Kim Young Kwang have been friends since their early 20s. She stated, “Although we’re friends in private, he’s a much more experienced actor. It was wonderful to act alongside him, and he was very considerate towards me. I was pleasantly surprised by his unwavering dedication and thoughtfulness throughout the filming process.”

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