Tearful Suzy Reflects on Her Journey as an Actress and Her Latest Drama ‘Anna’

suzy anna
suzy anna
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Suzy expressed affection for her latest drama Anna.

On April 6, Jo Hyunah released the second episode of the teary party with Suzy on her YouTube channel, where Suzy shared her feelings about playing her first title role in Coupang Play series Anna.

“I turned 30 this year,” Suzy said, “I debuted at a very young age, so I wanted to grow older and become more mature. I hoped I would become more desensitized to everything.” She continued, “But now that I’m 30, I feel there’s not much difference. I’ve only aged and gotten more wrinkles, but that’s fine. I’m good because I think I’ve become a better person as the years go by.”

Then Jo Hyunah suddenly began wiping away tears, saying, “Anna was just incredible. I cried again after watching it.” She was moved to tears as she empathized with the struggles Suzy experienced during filming. Chokingly she added, “I feel sad when Suzy seems strong. I want to hug her. She really disappeared into the role.”

Suzy recalled, “At the time, the company wasn’t against Anna, but there were a few concerns, such as having to play a character in her 40s. I was also worried, but I thought I had to do it. I felt like it was a project worth challenging myself with at the moment.” She continued, “(The company) said, ‘Let’s try it if Suzy wants to.’ After I was cast, I just said, ‘Got it,’ but when I met the agency CEO later, I told him, ‘I was actually happy at the time. I’ll do my best.’ I didn’t want to do it if everyone was against it. (Anna) is a precious work for me,” she said, shedding tears.

Suzy added, “I feel more precious about each work I do. So the most recent one is the most precious one for me. I learn things I didn’t know when I was young or in precious projects and grow. As I shoot more projects, I cry more. Recently, when I finished filming Doona! we had a wrap-up party, and I balled my eyes out so much that I couldn’t even speak.”

Last year, Suzy made a hit with the Coupang Play series Anna. She’ll be returning with the highly-anticipated Netflix series Doona!

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